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HAJ Empowerment

Hokkaido Arbeit Johosha (hereinafter, referred to as "HAJ") has supported a variety of support activities by supporting municipalities, enterprises in Hokkaido and active young people since the establishment.
On the other hand, due to the innovation of IT technology centered on rapid AI, IOT, data science, etc., it is said to be the "4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" now and it is at the point of conversion of social industry structure. In these circumstances, new type consultation or support requests corresponding to such active movements is increasing gradually. For the development of regional economy and the creation of employment opportunities for young people, the utilization of ICT technology and promotion of the IT industry responsible for that are the top priority themes, and among them, the core of domestic and foreign economic dynamism The absolute shortage of human resources responsible for "AI technology and data science" is a major issue to be addressed in designing Hokkaido in the future.Based on these backgrounds, HAJ comprehensively utilizes the human network, organization and experience that we has cultivated up to now, and contributes to the local community through various research and analysis work, advice, suggestions, human resources development support, industry-academia-government collaboration support, etc.
From these backgrounds, We established a consulting firm "HAJ Empowerment Co., Ltd.". HAJ Empowerment thinks that most important to make innovation by "Cooperation Creation" in collaboration with companies, partners, local communities, administration, universities, etc. and We aims at region creation from a local perspective and global perspective, we will work on solving social problems, business issues and technical problems in Hokkaido, and contributing to the creation of the region.

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HAJ Empowerment Co., Ltd.

Head Office

JoBKita bldg. 8F, S1-W6-20-1, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, JAPAN
Phone: +81-11-206-9440


Sep. 1, 2017


30million yen

President and CEO

KUDAKA, Shusei

Board of Directors

KUDAKA, Shusei
MURAI, Yutaka


MURAI, Toshiro


Hitotsubashi Univ. Prof.




(1)Tourism, Sports, Food, Agriculture, IT Industry Issues Analysis / Proposal Consultation
(2)ICT Consultation and ICT related support Services
(3)Social Business Research Services
(4)Entrepreneur Support Services, New Business creation Support Services
(5)Human Resources Development Support Services
(6)Market Research Consulting Business related to Job Offering, Job Seeking, Employment, Labor Market and Occupation Problem
(7)Municipal Branding and Promotion Support Services
(8)All incidental related servicers in the above


HAJ Empowerment Co., Ltd.
Phone: +81-11-206-9440
Location: S1-W6-20-1,Chuo-ku,Sapporo, JAPAN